Font Size

Atomic props for control the font size of an element.

Atomic PropsCSS Properties
text-{value} / text={value}font-size: {value};
textXSfont-size: 12px
textSMfont-size: 14px
textBasefont-size: 16px
textLGfont-size: 18px
textXLfont-size: 20px
text2XLfont-size: 24px
text3XLfont-size: 30px
text4XLfont-size: 36px
text5XLfont-size: 48px
text6XLfont-size: 60px
text7XLfont-size: 72px
text8XLfont-size: 96px
text9XLfont-size: 128px

Use preset font fize#

Control the font size of an element using the text{size} props.

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